Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meet Simba

 Meet Simba, our new foster dog!  We picked him up in Denver on Saturday, and he has fit into our house amazingly well.  He has the funniest kind-of scrunched face, and really shows his sweet soul when he looks into your eyes.  This guy is 8 months old, about 30 pounds and came from the BARC shelter in Houston (same place as Titan) to explore wonderful Colorado.  He has lots of puppy energy and loves playing with bones and toys, but settles down at night to snuggle with us and the dogs.  

He is a really quick learner - and is already starting to understand "go potty" to go outside, and "sit" and "go to bed."  After only 5 days he is already sticking close off-leash and LOVES to play with Hannah and Titan outside in the snow.  I think he must be part herding dog, because of the way he crouches down and stalks Hannah when playing outside. He has the softest fur, and doesnt seem to shed much at all so far.

This guy is already stealing our hearts...I know he will make someone an amazing dog when he finds his forever home!  

Check him out on Petfinder.

Sweet Simba 

Stalking Hannah on the golf course.

Play time with Hannah!

Simba, taking a break from the action.