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Me with Amber and Ely, my parent's current dogs.
Animals have been a part of my life since I was little, and helping others (human or otherwise) has always been a passion.  One of the first lessons I learned was caring for animals, and how to put another being's needs before your own.  Growing up we had cats, dogs, a fish or two, a rabbit, and my horse who I showed regionally in Hunter-Jumper competitions.

I grew up in Maryland, went to college in Fort Collins, and high-tailed it up to the mountains of Vail as soon as I graduated.  I met my fiance in college, and he has succumbed to my animal lifestyle in the fullest extent, but does a great job of keeping me balanced.  Our house is currently shared with two black mutts - Hannah and Titan.  On any given day there may be several more dogs cohabitating with us - fosters, those we are dog-sitting, or friends' dogs who have come by to visit.

Trail Riding
Trail riding in Fort Collins, CO.
I currently volunteer with Summit Dog Rescue by interviewing potential adopters, doing home-visits and fostering, when I can.  Please check out their website for wonderful available dogs.

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I love writing, and always have.  I was a Journalism/Communications major in college and wanted to get my writing muscles going again, while writing about something that I know...so here I am!

This blog is my outlet for all things animals and chronicles my personal experiences involving them.  Please comment and leave any feedback!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Hiking with Hannah and Titan.

Jumping Ziggy in Colorado.

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