Friday, March 22, 2013

Re: Sleepless Nights

Well, some good news this morning.  Although not all the dogs that I posted yesterday are saved yet, MOST of them have been. Three of them are going to be Summit Rescue Dogs, and will be on their way to a loving forever home soon!  More info to come when I get it.

Dog rescue
While rescuing dogs can keep me up at night on occasion, most of the time it also is what ALLOWS me to go to sleep peacefully at the end of each day.  I always have to keep in mind that we have all done what we can, and that dogs who were so close to death are one step closer their amazing forever homes.  While there is always more to do, sometimes we have to make sure we recognize what we have accomplished so far and keep working from there.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sleepless Nights

Last night I went to bed early, and woke up at midnight wide awake.  I have a horrible habit of checking email or facebooking when I can't sleep and when I did an email popped up from the director of Summit Dog Rescue with several dogs who needed help.  They are all in Southeast Colorado, at full shelters and in danger of being put to sleep at any time.  Welp, there goes my night of sleep!  Eventually I did nod off for a while, but not without weird dreams and those poor dogs swirling around in my head.  

Emails like this one aren't rare.  I only get a small number of all the email's that fly around every day with people trying to save dogs from euthanasia in shelters all across the country.  They usually have a subject like "CODE RED" and "URGENT" and come with descriptions and pictures of the dogs that need saving.  This particular email contained about 14 dogs that were in extreme danger.  Below are a few pictures, and some of the text from the email.  There are so many wonderful people trying to help, but without enough fosters or adoptive homes there is only so much that can be done.  Sometimes I feel like we are playing god...which is a horrible feeling...deciding which dog we might be able to foster and save, and hoping that someone else will do the same for the others before they meet their untimely end.

If there anyone would like to help us save these dogs, please contact me.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Corridor of Cruelty

The Corridor of Cruelty is an area of Houston where dogs are dumped, both alive and dead.  Horrible people use the stray and homeless dogs as target practice, or pick-up the poor animals to be used as bait in illegal dog-fighting rings.  This video gives a glimpse into the horrible reality of this place, and how amazing the people and rescues are for saving these dogs.

Summit Dog Rescue, where I volunteer (formerly Mountain Dog Rescue), was contacted about a beautiful dog in the Corridor of Cruelty and asked if we could take him.  They were worried that he was so friendly that he would easily get picked up by people with bad intentions for him.  Sundance (as he has been named) is now officially off the streets and safe....AND available for adoption!

Sundance - Summit Dog RescueSundance - Summit Dog Rescue

Sundance - Summit Dog Rescue