Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wild Raspberries

This video is of Hannah eating wild raspberries during our hike this past Sunday on Cross Creek Trail our of Minturn, CO.  Summer is full of wild raspberries up here in the mountains and Hannah absolutely loves them.  Fritz will hold out the branches for her and she picks them off with her little front teeth.  I find it hilarious how she gets so excited when she sees them and I swear her energy level ramps back up after she eats them!  Makes me laugh every time.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

(Lack of) Fostering

Lately life has gotten CRAZY.  I have barely had time to exercise and grocery shop much less foster any new dogs.  When I started out fostering I knew it wouldn't be something I could do constantly, for several reasons.  As much of a sport as Fritz is, he does take on a lot of the dog care, especially when I am busy.  It isn't fair to throw another dog on him (although he would never say no) when he is going to be doing most of the work and is busy himself.  Hannah loves having multiple dogs around, but Titan gets a little sad and jealous when we have to spread ourselves out.

This summer has been filled with house guests, dogs that we are dog-sitting, work events, other events, and trips out-of-town. I cant complain - it has been a great summer so far.  There just are moments when I lie awake at night thinking about what I haven't been doing to help.

Hopefully I can help out Mountain Dog Rescue after our August road-trip through the Mid-West by fostering another dog.  In the meantime, if anyone out there wants to foster please visit http://www.mountaindogrescue.org/ and check out all the amazing dogs who need help and temporary homes.  It truly is one of the most gratifying things I have done in my life, and I cannot wait to be able to help out again.

Dogs that currently need fosters:

Hank - needs a foster in CO

Lake - sweet girl in CO
St. Bernard girl who was saved just before being euthanized in Idaho.
Hopefully making her way to CO very soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Weekend with Ernie Banks

This weekend we dog-sat for our friends Mandi and Cory.  They went on an awesome camping trip at a mountain reservoir and we offered to watch Chester and Ernie Banks.  
Ernie Banks acting cute.

Ernie Banks is a spitfire little chihuahua/corgi/dachshund mix of some sort.  Your guess is as good as ours!  He thinks he weighs a hundred pounds, not ten, and is constantly challenging the other dogs to some sort of doggie battle.  He is named after a famous Chicago Cubs player and definitely thinks he rules the world.

Chester trying to ignore Ernie Banks.
Chester is laid-back and has a pointer personality altough he is half pointer and half setter.  He thinks that he is above all the nonsense of the other dogs, and tries his best to ignore all the commotion.

We had a fun relaxing day with all the dogs despite the rainy weather.  Needless to say they all had a great time together.   I took a few pictures, and wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy!  

Would you have 4 dogs for a weekend?

Bird's Eye view of all the chaos.

Funny faces.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

So Fresh and So Clean

With family coming into town tomorrow, and all the hiking and swimming the dogs have done lately Hannah and Titan are LONG overdue for a bath! 

Hannah shaking it off.
Sunday is my "get shit done" day and since it was already almost 80 degrees by 11:00am, it was a perfect time to give the dogs a bath. Our hose water is freeeezing up here in the mountains and I usually feel a little bad about soaking the dogs in it, but I think they actually (almost) enjoyed it today.  Both Hannah and Titan waited patiently while I scrubbed them clean and rid them of dirt and shedding hair.  

Titan, with his favorite Shea Pet Shea Butter shampoo.
My favorite pet shampoo is Shea Butter Shampoo by Shea Pet.  It smells great, leaves my dogs' hair shiny and soft, and is great for their skin.  Both Hannah and Titan get really dry skin in the summer from daily swimming trips to the dog pond and the extremely arid climate.  I have been dying to try Shea Pet's Skin Repair and Dander Care product but cant find it anywhere up here!

After their baths are done, my dogs run around like complete fools.  Hannah felt so good, she even ran out on to the golf course behind our house and stole a ball from some guy!  The cold water must make them frisky.  It's hilarious!

Do your dogs love baths, or hate them? 

Titan all frisky, and rolling in the grass after his bath.

Happy boy.  So fresh and so clean!