Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inside of a Dog

On a recent trip I picked up Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz at the airport book store. Something about buying a book and holding it in my hands still makes me so happy!

Horowitz explores the science of dog perception and cognition, while referencing experiences with her own dog's behavior.  Describing the way our pets see, smell, and know in a way the average person can understand provides some much needed insight into why our dogs behave the way they do.  Growing up with all kinds of pets and having a vested interest in animals since a young age, I feel like some of the pieces are old news to me.  But the average pet owner who hasn't sought this information previously would do well to read this book.  I can guarantee that anyone who thinks they know their furry companion well, will walk away with a much better understanding of this wonderful species.

Waiting out a delayed flight in Denver International Airport.

I am only half way through the book right now, and will have a few plane rides this weekend to read some more.  Full report to come once I finish!

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