Wednesday, April 17, 2013


On Easter Sunday we picked up a furry bundle in Denver named Ellie, who is most likely an Australian Shepherd mix.  She had been tied up outside a garage in Kansas without access to the indoors, or even a dog house for her entire 6 years.  A nice vet nearby took her in, shaved her to remove all the matted fur, and got Ellie totally vetted and healthy.  After being with the vet in Kansas, she made her way to eastern Colorado on her way up to Denver   She got scared of something on the ranch where she was staying for a few days in eastern Colorado, and was lost on the plains for a FULL day and night.  Luckily, she was found soon enough, was not harmed in any way and made her way up to Denver where we picked her up.  

We have had her for almost 3 weeks now, and she has blossomed into a huge sweetheart and a funny girl to have around.  She is most likely getting adopted this weekend by a wonderful older man in Denver, who will spoil her to death and treat her like a princess...which is exactly what she deserves after such a journey.  

Ellie from Summit Dog Rescue
Ellie, enjoying the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

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