Monday, June 11, 2012

Lazy Saturday

The Perfect Saturday

I had a totally lazy weekend and I feel great about it!  Fritz had to work two 14 hour days because of an event at Beaver Creek and the dogs and I had the house and backyard all to ourselves.  We were dog-sitting a wonderful Lab named Zuma, who was recently adopted through Mountain Dog Rescue and needed a place to hang while her family went on vacation.  She was a breeze to take care of, and got along with Hannah and Titan famously. 

After a decently long run, we all retreated to the sun-drenched backyard and decidedly fell asleep for a few hours.  There is nothing quite as content as a tired dog sun-bathing!  The fact that it is now Monday, has me day-dreaming of my lazy Saturday.  Only 4 more days to the weekend, everybody :)

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