Monday, June 25, 2012

World's Best Dog Toy

West Paw Design: Dog Toy Product Review

Hannah and Titan playing with their Hurley toys.
  Almost three months ago, Hannah impaled herself in the mouth while playing outside with a large stick.  The stick stuck in the ground while she was running with it and it caught her mouth, creating a laceration under her tongue a few inches long.  Multiple stitches later she was recovering, but we realized that we needed to step up our game when it came to dog toys.  Clearly we live in the mountains and keeping our dogs away from sticks is impossible, but we thought that if we had a great toy it would be easier to distract her from the sticks of death.  I didnt have much hope as we have bought every kind of dog toy and NONE of them have lasted more than a week.  Literally...whether it is stuffed, or rubber, or rope or whatever, Hannah finds a way to mutilate and destroy each one within days. 

Foster puppy Sitka trying to figure out the Hurley.

Once my mom had heard what happened to Hannah she immediately knew what to do, and sent us three Hurley toys from West Paw Design.  They didnt look much different from other toys that have since passed through our house and on to doggie toy heaven, but my skepticism was soon squelched!   Hannah and Titan LOVE the Hurley from West Paw Design, and two months later there isn't so much as one tooth mark in it.  I don't understand how they work, but these toys are amazing.  They have lived through one foster dog, two foster puppies, and most importantly Hannah the toy destroyer!  I love that they are also extremely affordable and considering they have lasted this long, I would be willing to pay twice as much!  As if I hadn't given you enough reasons already, everything from West Paw Design is made in the USA, eco-friendly and they fully guarantee their products.  

Check out the full selection of toy and pet products, including the Hurley, from West Paw Design.

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