Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Travelling with Dogs

Our Mid-West Tour

We just returned from a 10 day road-trip through the Midwest.  Fritz, Hannah, Titan and I all packed into my Ford Escape to make the trek from Colorado to Rochester, Minnesota.  We then headed up to Northern Wisconsin to my family's cabin, down to Madison, Wisconsin to visit my grandparents, and then east to Northern Michigan to see Fritz's family and hang out at his lake house for a wedding.

All in all, it turned out to be a great trip.  Hannah and Titan are such good travelers (with one exception) and petting a dog can really help pass the time when driving through corn country.  Below are a few pictures from along the way, and a list of my official doggie road-trip must-haves!

Clockwise from top left:  Hannah taking a short break after swimming across the lake. / "MOM, are we THERE yet??" / Titan contemplating how one year has taken him from the euthanasia list in Houston, to Colorado, and then to doggie heaven in Wisconsin  / Fritz and Titan sharing the dog bed while Hannah helps co-pilot.

Dog Travel Must-Haves

  • Collapsible dog bowls - They save room compared to big plastic bowls and for some reason I think they are really fun.  I have Mountainsmith brand bowls and they have lasted for years and years.
  • Gentle Leader - Hannah pulls terribly on the leash when there is anything exciting going on or when we are anywhere new...which is pretty much at every stop we make.  This alternative to a collar is extremely effective.
  • Flat dog bed - Comfortable dogs are quiet dogs.  On past trips I have made the mistake of forgetting to bring anything soft for them to lay on.  Since my seats are very hard when folded down they tend to squirm and become restless when they have nothing to lay on.  It also brings a little bit of familiarity along on the ride.
  • Dog Treats - To bribe the dogs with of course.  Zukes are my favorite - all natural and healthy.
  • Dog Toys - After multiple hours in the car, dogs get bored.  A frisbee to throw at a rest stop (check rules!) or a bone to chew in the car can make all the difference!

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