Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My New Foster Dog - Lassiter

In a week or two I will be getting my new foster dog, Lassiter.  He is coming from the Little Rock Animal Village in Little Rock, Arkansas, which is the same location that Sierra (my first ever foster) came from back in May.  Lassiter's time was running out at LRAC and a wonderful volunteer there reached out to Mountain Dog Rescue to see if we had space.   He is a happy, healthy, and goofy guy who just wants a loving home and someone to play with!  I am so excited for him to play with Hannah and Titan, and hang out with us until he finds his forever home.  Check him out on Mountain Dog Rescue's petfinder page here.

Just look at those ears!  I think he may need a new name once he gets up here to the mountains.  Any ideas?

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