Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dog (less) Days

"The dogs are fine.  They went swimming this morning, and had elk and eggs for breakfast."

Even leaving our dogs for a few days is hard.  Luckily, my bff in the mountains, Mandi, rivals my love for animals and usually watches our two black mutts for us.  She has two of her own and her and her boyfriend are such troopers when it comes time to tolerate four dogs for a week.  We watch their dogs also, and while it is always fun, it is always chaotic.  Ernie Banks, a chihuahua mix and Chester, an English pointer get along famously with our dogs.  EB and Hannah could play all day long if you let them.

Honestly, I was more worried about the sanity of Mandi and her boyfriend Cory when we left our dogs with them, but it is still always so diffucult to leave our two mutts for very long.  When Mandi texted me this weekend (a few days into our trip) that the dogs had already been swimming at the dog park, were given elk and eggs for breakfast, and were now sleeping on the couch all my irrational fears switched from Hannah and Titan missing us to a worry that they might never want to come home!  All elk aside, they were so excited to see us when we picked them up last night.  Vacation was amazing and so-so-needed but I am so happy to be back at home in the Vail Valley with our dogs!

Hannah, Titan, Ernie Bank and Chester
All four dogs, and all four humans enjoying the Fat Tuesday parade and concert in Vail this winter.

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