Friday, May 18, 2012

Foster Dog #1

I can't imagine a foster being much easier than Sierra.  Maybe she knew she was our first, and went easy on us.  Sierra, or Victoria as she was previously known came from a animal shelter in Little Rock, Arkansas and was the Director's favorite.  When adoptions got pretty slow, they decided to send her out to Colorado through Mountain Dog Rescue!  

I picked her up in Denver off transport with two Sprinter vans full of dogs.  When the guy in charge handed her to me, she instantly melted into my arms leaving me covered in huge patches of soft blonde fur.    After a tangle with the dog brush in the parking lot, and a romp in the Boulder Foothills dog park with friends Patty and Kyle we headed back to the mountains to settle in.....

Which took about 5 minutes.    She slept through the night, was a total sweetheart and played famously with our two dogs.  

One week later she went to a lovely couple who live at 10,000 feet with another husky mix in need of a play-mate.  They came over to meet her, took her to a park for a little bit, and when I came back outside had her loaded up in to the car already.  I not surprisingly shed a few tears, and I think Fritz was sad too.  After a few days with her they decided to make it permanent, and renamed her Katy.  My first foster and first success couldn't have made me happier!

Sierra at home, in the backyard, and playing with Hannah and Titan.

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