Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Black Mutts

Animals have been a way of life in my family.  Cats, dogs, horses, and even a rabbit somehow weaseled their way into our lives and never left, and strategically at that.  I think at some point word on the street got out that living at the Buse house was a pretty sweet gig.  My mom has always been this way, and whether through genetics or environment has passed this insatiable desire to help animals on to me.  It followed me to college (stories for another time), and eventually to Vail where I adopted my first dog

Every single animal that shared our home
 was given love, shelter and stability until the day that they died.  Even the evil rabbit, who drew blood from my ankles on several occasions, died with a two-story cage and a lengthy vet bill from trying to save him.

My wonderful fiance, Fritz, has accepted his fate with a life full of animals.  We now have two black mutts, who are goofy, loving, and of course trying at times.  Hannah, the first picture is some sort of setter/retriever mix.  She is a bit too smart for her own good and crazy athletic.  Titan, the second picture, kind of reminds me of a panda bear.  Not the brightest crayon in the box, but you wont find a more affectionate dog on the planet. The four of us live as much of life outside as possible from hiking, to biking, camping, and swimming.  Every day is an adventure in one way or another!

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