Monday, July 2, 2012

So Fresh and So Clean

With family coming into town tomorrow, and all the hiking and swimming the dogs have done lately Hannah and Titan are LONG overdue for a bath! 

Hannah shaking it off.
Sunday is my "get shit done" day and since it was already almost 80 degrees by 11:00am, it was a perfect time to give the dogs a bath. Our hose water is freeeezing up here in the mountains and I usually feel a little bad about soaking the dogs in it, but I think they actually (almost) enjoyed it today.  Both Hannah and Titan waited patiently while I scrubbed them clean and rid them of dirt and shedding hair.  

Titan, with his favorite Shea Pet Shea Butter shampoo.
My favorite pet shampoo is Shea Butter Shampoo by Shea Pet.  It smells great, leaves my dogs' hair shiny and soft, and is great for their skin.  Both Hannah and Titan get really dry skin in the summer from daily swimming trips to the dog pond and the extremely arid climate.  I have been dying to try Shea Pet's Skin Repair and Dander Care product but cant find it anywhere up here!

After their baths are done, my dogs run around like complete fools.  Hannah felt so good, she even ran out on to the golf course behind our house and stole a ball from some guy!  The cold water must make them frisky.  It's hilarious!

Do your dogs love baths, or hate them? 

Titan all frisky, and rolling in the grass after his bath.

Happy boy.  So fresh and so clean!

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