Monday, July 9, 2012

A Weekend with Ernie Banks

This weekend we dog-sat for our friends Mandi and Cory.  They went on an awesome camping trip at a mountain reservoir and we offered to watch Chester and Ernie Banks.  
Ernie Banks acting cute.

Ernie Banks is a spitfire little chihuahua/corgi/dachshund mix of some sort.  Your guess is as good as ours!  He thinks he weighs a hundred pounds, not ten, and is constantly challenging the other dogs to some sort of doggie battle.  He is named after a famous Chicago Cubs player and definitely thinks he rules the world.

Chester trying to ignore Ernie Banks.
Chester is laid-back and has a pointer personality altough he is half pointer and half setter.  He thinks that he is above all the nonsense of the other dogs, and tries his best to ignore all the commotion.

We had a fun relaxing day with all the dogs despite the rainy weather.  Needless to say they all had a great time together.   I took a few pictures, and wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy!  

Would you have 4 dogs for a weekend?

Bird's Eye view of all the chaos.

Funny faces.  

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