Friday, March 15, 2013

Corridor of Cruelty

The Corridor of Cruelty is an area of Houston where dogs are dumped, both alive and dead.  Horrible people use the stray and homeless dogs as target practice, or pick-up the poor animals to be used as bait in illegal dog-fighting rings.  This video gives a glimpse into the horrible reality of this place, and how amazing the people and rescues are for saving these dogs.

Summit Dog Rescue, where I volunteer (formerly Mountain Dog Rescue), was contacted about a beautiful dog in the Corridor of Cruelty and asked if we could take him.  They were worried that he was so friendly that he would easily get picked up by people with bad intentions for him.  Sundance (as he has been named) is now officially off the streets and safe....AND available for adoption!

Sundance - Summit Dog RescueSundance - Summit Dog Rescue

Sundance - Summit Dog Rescue

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